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6 Free IQ Tests Reviewed

Most of the free IQ tests you'll try aren't very good at measuring your IQ since they're just designed to generate some widget you can copy and past into your MySpace or whatever to show off to your friends: "Look guys, I'm a genius with a 3049 IQ!!". They're an ego booster.

That said, these low quality, free IQ tests still have value: they're great for increasing your IQ! Some may argue of course, that you're simply learning what kind of questions you're likely to be answering and so obviously you'll do better in IQ tests. While this is true, you ARE also increasing your IQ since you're actually attempting the questions. It's the same as doing crosswords, puzzles, etc, since that's essentially what an IQ test is. So yes, what better way to increase your IQ than by doing IQ tests?

Here are another 6 free IQ tests available online. Like the rest I've posted a link, short review, and the number of questions.

Westside Advanced Recognition and Reasoning Exam

This is a very bland and boring looking free IQ test. It's also just text (not automated), and so you'll have to write down your answers on paper or in notepad or whatever. It's also one of the longer IQ tests (1 hour). Despite all those negative aspects, it's pretty good and feels professional. I reckon someone could offer to automate this (via JavaScript or something) for the guy and produce a real good IQ test.

Questions: 25 Questions in 3 Sections
Time: 1 hour

Free IQ Test

"This test is for entertainment purposes only. It does not represent an actual evaluation of your Intelligence Quotient." - From site

This is a pretty accurate description of this test. It looks like someone has just thrown together a bunch of questions with JavaScript. It gives you a basic generated score at the end. This isn't really an IQ and the questions are overly easy, but it's still got some fun questions I haven't seen on the other free IQ tests and it doesn't take too long.

Time: Not timed - Took me about 10 minutes or so
Questions: 30

Mental Performance Test

This test is given to people who want to join The High IQ Society and as such it's of a decent standard. This is different from the other free IQ sites in that you have to manually email your results to the creator before you can get your results, and he mentions that it takes up to 3 weeks for a reply!

Time - Not timed - Allow an hour or so
Questions - 60

Entrace Tests

Ever wanted to be part of an exclusive club for high IQ people? Read on.. these 3 tests will grant you entry to some of the most elusive clubs of the intelligence world.

The 3, free IQ tests below all use The Power Scale and are available in PDF format. They're all harder IQ tests, and will take at least an hour to complete, although they are not timed. After you've completed them you need to send in your result by e-Mail or by post. Eventually, your results will be sent back.


The 916 is an admission test for: the WAHIP, the High IQ Society for the disabled, the Altacapacidadhispana, the SIGMA, the SMARTS, the The Mind Society, the Top One Percent Society, the Elateneos, the EXISTENTIA, the Artifex Mens Congregatio, the Neurocubo, the GLIA, the Milenija, the ISI-S, the Introspective High IQ Society, the Camp Archimedes, the PLATINUM the PARS - and the GIGA Societies, and potentially for several other societies (Cerebrals, Glia, Poetic Genius, Pi, Mega..).

Wow! If that doesn't whet your appetite then you're blind, deaf and dumb. This is the ultimate entry test to all those exclusive clubs. Not only that but it's a great, fun, free IQ test! Again, however, you need to send your results off by email or post and wait for your result.

Questions: 26

The Hyper-Test

The Hyper-Test
"The Hyper-TesT, with visuo-spatial and algorithmic subtests, is power-type IQ test intended to measure the power of reasoning and the persistence." - From site

I like this test because it's all visual. 95% of the questions are in the form of pictures and the rest are texts which describe a visualization or a situation. So it's testing a specific part of your mind.

Questions: 26


The third and final IQ test in the Power Scale series, Concep-T TesT is an admission test for the SIGMASociety and potentially for several other societies (Cerebrals, Glia, Poetic Genius, Pi, Mega...). It's a very verbal and linguistically orientated test (to do with language and writing) and has some very difficult questions. Definitely worth a try.

As I mentioned before, most free IQ tests are pretty low standard and don't actually measure your IQ, but there are some out there. The 3 above are good examples and should be attempted when you have a good bit of spare time.

These are just some of the many free IQ tests I've reviewed, for some simpler and quicker free IQ tests check out my previous posts. I'm also interested to hear what you have to say, so if you take any of these tests or you just want to be heard, then do it, add a comment!

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